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Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

Q: Is the cheating-tool ruler still available ?

A: Yes, the cheating-tool ruler is still available.

Up-to-date information, for example two different kinds of orderig (ordering online and ording cash on delivery ) and the price 15,30 $ can be found on this website. To display everything without errors a JAVA VM (Virtual Maschine from SUN) should be installed on your computer.

Q: Is it possible to deliver to Austria ?
Q: What are the conditions for delivering there ?

A: Delivery to Austria and to Switzerland is no problem.
A: Please consider to add 10,00 $ for packaging, delivery and dispatch handling in the transfer.

Q: How often can the cheating-tools be used ?

A: A multible usage for many years is intended.
So it is possible to use all the actual needed cheating-sheets.

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