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For years pupils and students had to spend very much time on learning.

However the results in claasroom tests and exams were not as good as they could be. If they were allowed to take all needed documentation and manuals the results would be much better.

Cheating tools don't write claasroom tests of its own. But they give you the chance to have all information you have while preparation also in case of emergency.

For many, many exams that is more than enough to get excellent school grades. For example vocabulary tests with limited complexity are a piece of cake. A very good grade is all-but-certain. And everything without any learning.

You will have a lot of success in claasroom tests.

Many pupils always wanted to use illegal utilities in claasroom tests. The danger of beeing caught detered them. So they conformed to the destiny and became learning-slaves.

That is changing immediately with the cheating-tools. In future you are only learning what you expect is worth learning.

You get a maximum of security.

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